If you can’t tell from m website, I love getting out in nature and being active. But, I also know that sometimes there are constraints such as time and geography. If you are in California it is hard to justify the two of us getting together for a 1 hour walk or even a 1 day dive. But that shouldn’t stop us from tapping into the power and creativity of the FreerangeCoach experience!

Thanks to todays technology, we can get together and visit almost any location in the world no matter where in the world we are! If you have a VR headset then we can meet up in VR for our coaching session and take in the surrounding view and energy of new and exotic locations.

We can visit the wall of China as we talk about the journey ahead of you. Maybe the peaks of the Himalayas are the backdrop for exploring the need for solitude. We can stand at the edge of a volcano and talk about the power you hold to make decisions in your life. We can even visit the International Space Station and talk about taking a higher level view of your life. The possibilities are literally limitless!

I use Wander because it lets us go anywhere in the world and has built in tools to keep us together and let us talk. If you have a different exploration app you like to use then let me know. We can pre-pick a location or use the random famous location feature. We can stay in one place or move to new places. The possibilities are limitless!

There is no fee for VR coaching other than my normal coaching fee.