Coaching is powerful in any context. But, when we get outside the walls we see every day physically, then we are more likely to get past the mental walls we don’t see. The FreerangeCoach experience gets us out of our normal environment and lets us tap into our full creative self. You can learn more about the FreerangeCoach movement here.

The FreerangeCoach experiences I offer can be a stand alone event or it can be incorporated with ongoing traditional coaching. It can also be 1-1 or group/team coaching to best meet your needs. Below are the primary offerings I have and if you have and idea or request, reach out and we can co-create the perfect powerful experience.

Talk and Walk

Walking or hiking brings huge benefits to coaching. The physical activity activates more parts of your brain which means you have more resources available when we move and coach at the same time. In addition, being outside in a open environment away from daily life frees your mind to explore the limitless possibilities of the here and now.

Draw inspiration from the vast expanse of nature and the wonder of this world. Let your mind take in the light in the trees as you consider what light means to your life. If we talk about communication, listen to the sounds of nature and think how it communicates to you. There are so many connections you can use to inspire new and creative thoughts to make great breakthroughs in your life.

There is no shortage of walking and hiking trails in Georgia. I live in Cumming and can get to the Bethelview or Kelly Mill entrance of the Big Creek Greenway in minutes. If you want more of a hike than a walk we can go north to the mountains or south to Stone Mountain.

With so many choices in Georgia we will work together to find the best time and place to have a great talk and walk! Pricing for Talk and Walk depends on the location and duration. If we go to the greenway near my house, there is no charge other than my normal coaching fees.

Let’s Go Deeper

Literally – lets go deeper!

Diving brings both sound and silence. Listen to the sound of your breath. Feel each breath in and out. Feel the pressure of the water on your body and the weightlessness of neutral buoyancy. Find the mental space of near sensory depravation and focus on yourself and your coaching topic. Look at the water, the landscape and the marine live. What metaphors can you find? What inspirational thought can you draw?

Yea, coaching underwater would be a tall order so here is what we do.

We have a pre-dive coaching session for 20-30 minutes. At the end of that, I leave you with an question or two to ponder as we dive our first tank. During the surface interval we debrief on those questions and coach for another 20-30 minutes. Here again, I will leave you with a question or two to ponder as we dive our second tank. When we surface again we will debrief those and coach for our final 20-30 minutes.

Note that you must already be scuba certified. I will be your dive buddy but I am not a dive master or instructor.

My most frequent drive and dive is at Blue Water Park – Pelham, Alabama and I am open to other locations. Let’s go diving! You will pay the dive center for the dive and any equipment. My coaching fee will be based on the time and location.