• Using your hands activates your brain and gives you access to new perspectives and thoughts
  • Building opens up new ways of expressing what is in your mind but is hard to express in words
  • Bringing your ideas, thoughts and feelings into the physical world makes them real so we can work with them

Using the Lego Serious Play methodology, we will work together to unlock and achieve your full potential. The process is simple and the results are deep and impactful for individuals or teams. I will give you a question and you will use Lego bricks to build your answer. Then we will talk about what you built.

For teams or when exploring multiple aspects of your own life, we explore how different models are connected or not.

All in all, Lego Serious Play brings a whole new powerful element to coaching and helps you explore and expand more of your own amazing potential.

Of course, this offering is in person only so we need to work out logistics. Please contact me for more details.